perjantai 10. lokakuuta 2014

Firefox OS 2.1 pre installed on Geeksphone Peak

Firefox OS -based phone Geeksphone Peak is such a nice piece of hardware! My phone has already received 6 bigger updates (FFOS 1.1->2.1). The latest update FFOS 2.1 pre is now installed. Flashing Peak is easy once needed software and right settings are there.

In order to make Linux (or Mac, Windows) see your phone make sure Developer mode is on and Debugging is enabled. I had forgotten this. See what Mozilla Foundation has to say:
  • "In Firefox 1.4+, you have to enable the developer panel via Settings > Device information > More Information > Check the Developer Menu checkbox.  Once you've done this, you can then access the developer panel via Settings > Developer."
Firefox OS 2.1 on my Geeksphone Peak

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