tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Ubuntu Touch will arrive soon - get started with app development

Ubuntu Touch is a mobile operating system brought by Canonical ltd. It has already been around for a while. This time the situation is different compared to earlier versions. We will see two phones with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed later this year. That goes to show Canonical really want to create (yet another) mobile platform.

My Nexus 4 is ready for Ubuntu Touch 14.10. Actually it's on the Internet already and one can download right away. However I want to wait until RTM-version (Release To Manufacturing) is available. Other operating systems Nexus 4 can run are Android, Cyanogen Mod, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS (not officially available yet).

Meanwhile there is some homework to be done. Ubuntu Touch has a development environment ready for download. Naturally Ubuntu (14.04) is needed. Take a look at instructions on how to install dev environment on your Ubuntu: http://2buntu.com/articles/1509/ubuntu-touch-app-development-getting-started/

My Nexus 7 (2012) with
Ubuntu Touch last autumn 2013

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