lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2014

How to make an old A-Link wlan-dongle work on Raspbian

A-Link WL54USB is the name of the dongle. Dmesg said zd1211 firmware was not available. No driver was loaded. Now what?

After some browsing with search words debian zd1211 I found a non-free package containing firmware with driver was out there on the internet. All I needed to do was to check if file /etc/apt/sources.list had non-free software allowed.

No problem with sources.list. As root the command apt-get install zd1211-firmware did the trick. Raspbian has a graphical wifi tool ready on the Desktop. So in just a moment Epiphany-browser was opening web-pages. This hardware installation had happy end!

A-Link WL54USB

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  1. Good job! You saved my day. This tutorial was perfect for my needs. I had also A-Link wlan dongle and Raspberry pi project.

  2. Nice to hear and good for you! Keep up the good work with Raspberry Pi!