lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2014

Mr Nadella - Windows 10 arrives but they won't upgrade!

I've been asking people (at least 200 PC owners) who are currently using Windows XP or 7 (~60 % of Windows users) if they are willing to upgrade their PC's into Windows 10 for, let's say, 30 euros (€). No-one, and I mean NO-ONE has been interested in such move. 100 % will stay with their present operating system.

When told Windows 10 will look and feel very much like Windows 7 people seem to be very satisfied. They think it's easier to migrate to a new OS later IN THE FUTURE. How long will Microsoft wait? On the other hand when I showed Windows 10 User Interface with some portions taken from Windows 8.1 not everybody was excited. For example there are two ways to save files in Windows 10. That's not handy and convenient. It shows the lack of listening to people - once again!

It's not looking good, Microsoft. What I've seen and heard now, people are really NOT going to upgrade anytime soon. So Microsoft has to wait until 2020 when Windows 7 will receive no more updates. That's too late!

Start-button familiar from Windows 7 is back in Windows 10

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  1. Eli 200 joilta kysyit asiasta, kaataa siis Microsoftin? Eikö Vistan pitänyt tehdä se jo, vai eikös se ollut 8 vai 8.1? Linuxin piti ottaa käyttisten hallinta vistan, 8 ja 8.1 jälkeen mutta edelleen näyttää vahvasti olevan Windowsin hallintaa.

  2. Tärkeää on se, että 200 PC:n käyttäjää olivat niin yhdenmukaisesti kaikki samassa linjassa. Kukaan heistä ei ole siirtymässä eteenpäin, vaikka käyttävätkin jo Microsoftin käyttöjärjestelmää. 200 on pieni otos, mutta paljastaa suunnan.