perjantai 7. marraskuuta 2014

Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone is free - no Office365 account needed anymore

Microsoft Office has been available for iPad and iPhone for a while. Sadly, it's been tied with Office365 account. Now those times are over. Only the ordinary Microsoft account is needed.

There are actually many Office suites for iPad and iPhone available for free in the App Store. You can choose between Google, Apple and Microsoft. So no wonder Microsoft made Office free for iPad and iPhone. For example in my situation I simply couldn't afford Office365 account. This is something Microsoft must have been thinking for some time. The decision is very nice for us consumers. Rumours say Android users will follow later.

But isn't Office the most profitable product Microsoft has? I guess so. It will be interesting to see if consumers choose Office Online and Office for iPad instead of buying Office 2013. Corporate users will probably continue using Office the same way as before - installing it on PC.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint
are available for free in the
App Store

Word starting...

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