torstai 6. marraskuuta 2014

Wot? Nokia is developing an Android-phone which will be released in 2016?

The rumours tell Nokia N9-team is developing an Android-based phone which will be released 2016. That's when the agreement with Microsoft is no longer valid and Nokia is free to join the phone scene again. Ok, that's fine for us consumers. Go Nokia go!

The interesting thing is the scene *is different* from what it used to be. Symbian is dead and gone! Windows phone was a nightmare! Didn't Nokia learn enough from the first round? Aren't there already too many Chinese manufactorers with Android inside their phones? C'mon Nokia! Who cares if you come back with yet-another-Android-phone? It's too expensive anyway! Besides Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch are there as well. So premium phones are the only choice of Nokia.

It will also be *very entertaining* to see how companies like Jolla and Microsoft react once Nokia Androids hit the market. Former workers of Nokia at Jolla competing against Nokia. Former Nokia workers at Microsoft doing the same thing. Hah!

Of course it would nice to see Nokia succeeding with phones again. It's *not possible* by developing just a phone. Something completely different is needed. Surprise me Nokia!

What if Microsoft purchases Cyanogen Mod...?

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