tiistai 11. marraskuuta 2014

This is the last moment to make sure your Nexus device is ready for Android 5 Lollipop

Google has promised Android 5 Lollipop will be released tomorrow on November 12th as an OTA-update. Let's hope for the best! Meanwhile stand-by and make sure everything is ready. I assume factory images for Nexus phones will show up at the same time as the OTA-update.

In my case preparing means CyanogenMod was wiped out and Android 4.4.4 installed (flashed) on Nexus 4. I'm not going into details but only tell what's needed and what commands one can use. Make sure the following is available:

First off, power your Nexus-phone by holding down three buttons; power, vol down and vol up. After that recovery mode opens. On Linux, you'll type as root ./flash-all.sh which wipes out everything there is inside the phone. Wait. Your Nexus will boot and take you to Android. That's it. And now Google, give me high five ;P!

My Nexus 4 in recovery mode

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