tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2014

Nokia is licensing - there will be no new jobs in Finland

Nokia unveiled a new tablet earlier today at Slush event. Nice. This time it took for Nokia to develop a tablet only six months from the beginning to release. Taiwanese company Foxconn came to help and is licensing the name of Nokia. N1 will be available before the Chinese new year.

This all sounds very effective and sensible. They say very tiny Nokia team behind N1 has been working hard and has now achieved their goal. A lot of speculation is on the air whether we'll see Nokia phones in the future (as early as end of 2016). So new Nokia really is going fast forward.

However, for us Finnish people Nokia will never be the same again. You see, licensing means manufacturing has been taken away from Finland all the way to Taiwan (maybe China, don't know for sure). In this little country Nokia had a huge impact - 10 years ago. Nokia paid a lot of taxes. Nokia created a lot of all kind of jobs. Neither taxes nor jobs will ever come back. Whatever logo there is behind N1 tablet; Nokia, Foxconn or no logo at all - it doesn't matter anymore.

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